We're on a mission to empower innovation via democratising professional-quality financial planning, analysis and fundraising for startups & scale-ups. CFO expertise on a budget. 


Join our 20-company free pilot! This includes access to the model and personal consulting review in exchange for your feedback. You'll also get a future discount on the model.

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Built for startups by experts


Investment-banking-quality model built by a finance expert for startups.

Show investors what they need whilst planning and analysing your business the way it is useful to you.


Building a model from fundamental business drivers maintains the operations-finance link.

This helps you understand assumptions, creating a clear plan to achieve success. No more lost in communications.


Compare your projection with reality over time to take better strategic decisions.

. Fill in historical data as you go, get feedback, and improve. Not just another model left to gather dust on your desktop; models should be useful over time.

expertise AT HAND

Want expert guidance? Have specific requirements?


We understand that all businesses are different. Use our professionals to help you modify the model to fit your requirements and/or to give strategic feedback.

How is it built?

  • Any type of business: supports transaction (e.g. commerce, ecommerce), recurring (e.g. subscription, SaaS, repeat clients), marketplace (buyers and sellers), & donations

  • Help along the way: we give you guidance about what each input means

  • Detailed client model: develop how clients interact with your business including acquisition channels (paid, bizdev, viral, organic), conversions & retention rates

  • Revenue model: express how you monetise your clients with average tickets, recurrence and max # of sales

  • Costs: detail costs including CoGS, SG&A, payroll, capex both bottom-up (per cost) or top-down (% of revenue)

  • Equity & debt: understand what your business needs and when including various equity rounds and debt raises

What's included?

  • Professional model: 5-year monthly & yearly Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement

  • Immediate feedback: graphs and data show you how your inputs affect the model as you build it

  • Valuation module: simplify the valuation exercise of your business with the built-in module

  • Capital requirements: we show you how much capital you require so you can project future raises

  • Historical data: put in real data over time and compare with your projection

  • Summary section: your key performance summarised for simple understanding & communication

  • Shareable: share with key members of your team or investors for free

Professionalising your finances has never been so easy

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